Invader, the French artist internationally recognised for the ubiquitous placement of his interventions inspired by the 1970s computer game figure Space Invaders, has (to date) successfully placed over a thousand of the iconic mosaic tile works in cities across the world. The project, which begun over a decade ago in Paris, has since spread to over 40 cities around the world, from the Cote D'Azur to Katmandu, from Manchester to Mombassa. Installed on walls, under bridges and on well-known monuments such as LA's iconic Hollywood sign and former French Premier Jacques Chirac's lapels, the meticulously charted locations strictly follow a set of numeric and aesthetic rules instituted by Invader in his global game. Followers hip to the artist's somewhat obsessive ways will cleverly note that when viewed on the map, his mosaics in Montpellier even form the image of a Space Invader.