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For anyone who’s ever moved before, which is probably most people, you understand what a hassle the moving process can be. Compound the logistics of a standard move with moving out of state or out of the country, and the headache of moving morphs into a full-on migraine. In addition to arranging for all your belongings to make the trip, you’re likely feeling barraged by a whole slew of moving to-dos. There’s finding a new house, starting a new job, making sure the kids get settled, arranging the utilities, mail forwarding, and so much more. Once you’re finally moved-in, there will be additional transition as you find a place in your new community.

We get it. Moving is hard. That’s why we built The Outsiders Relocation Guide. As a group of former military wives, we were constantly picking up our lives and attempting to resettle quickly in new, unfamiliar places. Over our collective 100+ years of military moves, we became experts at relocating our families. Though we don’t move around as much as we used to, we wanted to create this guide as a resource for others who are in the process of relocating. Here we’ll share tips about the moving process, city guides, resources for the whole family, and so much more. With The Outsiders, you won’t feel like an “outsider” for long.